Save $50 a Week Starting Today

by Washington Federal Team on July 27, 2012

Here at Washington Federal, we make an investment in our community and the livelihood of those we serve, we believe in protecting the financial wellbeing of our friends, neighbors and customers.

Here are several tips to help you save up to $50 a week.  Check our website for additional ways to build your financial future with our personal accounts.

Take your lunch.

We’re so busy, so it’s incredibly easy to drop $7-$10 for lunch. If you’re looking to save money, give up eating out and take your lunch from home instead. Make a sandwich, pack some chips and fruit, and you’ll eat for pennies, not dollars. We’ll award you “bonus points” if you make your own coffee rather than buying that latte on your way to work.

You saved $30 a week!

Cut out your gym membership.

Staying in shape comes at a price, but who says it needs to come in the form of a gym membership? Get outside, grab some sun, and start your own workout routines. Saving $1 a day might not sound like much, but it adds up.

You saved $7 a week!

Shop smarter.

There’s always room for smarter shopping, whether you’re in the market for office supplies or groceries. Have you visited deal sites or checked the Sunday paper for coupons recently? Shaving $10 off your next purchase is easier than you think.

You saved $10 a week!

Enjoy entertainment.

All work and no play can make anyone a dull boy (or girl). So we’re not suggesting nixing entertainment entirely, but by cutting one activity a month and replacing it with a picnic or a trip to the park can easily save $30 or more a month. Check your local paper or news sites for a schedule of free events happening near you.

You saved $7 a week!

Finally, if you’re in the market for a home, save big with low mortgage rates and refinancing options.

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