Outdoor Living Spaces- Home Trends

by Washington Federal Team on October 20, 2011

As the weather cools and leaves begin to turn, there’s no better time to begin making plans for your garden next summer. Follow one of this year’s top home trends and create an outdoor living space. Whether you decide on a kitchen, living room or garden room, this is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors.

Outdoor Kitchen 

Create a grilling paradise for your family, and you will find any excuse to eat outside. Turn your patio into a state-of-the-art custom kitchen. Ensure that your Outdoor Kitchen is weather-resistant by working with stone, stainless steel and waterproof textiles. You’ll also want to make sure that your kitchen is fully functional. You’ll need water and electricity, and you should hire a contractor for the job. Consider installing a small refrigerator and sink to avoid having to go back and forth between your indoor and outdoor kitchens. Splurge for a large, high-quality grill, and add a firepit to give your outdoor space its own campfire. A picnic table or a seating area will allow everyone to enjoy time outside.

Outdoor Living Room

Bring the comfort of your den to the backyard with an outdoor living room. Arrange a plush couch or glider — along with comfy chairs — for a cozy, cool hangout. Add a gas fireplace or a water feature to give this space a perfect soothing aesthetic. Your outdoor living area can stand alone, or you can add hanging fabrics and lattice for privacy. Using materials such as cast iron and water-resistant fabrics will keep your room safe in the elements. This space is perfect for entertaining friends or for kicking back and relaxing with a good book.

Garden Room

Define and fill an area in your garden or patio with exotic, colorful plants and water features for a perfect oasis. Add stone architectural elements or a custom wooden gazebo for a charming backyard getaway. Include accessories such as sundials or birdbaths for a little personality. A bench, hammock or small seating area is a great way to enjoy your Garden Room.

When decorating, make sure that your outdoor living space is an extension of your home. Bring in color schemes and architectural elements that will allow the outdoor room to blend with the rest of your home’s décor and style.

As you get started on your custom outdoor room, or any other home improvement projects, we’d love to speak with you about financing your project.


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