Neighborhood Spotlight: Portland, Oregon

by Washington Federal Team on December 12, 2011

Portland, nicknamed the “City of Roses,” is best known for its small-town charm and city-like excitement, and is an increasingly popular West Coast destination.

Situated between the Willamette and Columbia rivers, the city features a selection of lush urban parks, perfect for a weekend picnic, and one of the United States’ most extensive and advanced mass transit systems. Portland is designed for walking, and its short blocks feature public art displays, commemorative and historical statues, and gentle, calm-inducing fountains.

A variety of performing arts — including ballet, Shakespeare plays, and Broadway musicals — make the area ideal for anyone with a taste for the arts and an appreciation for a relaxed, urban lifestyle. Portland is home to a number of thriving neighborhoods, including Nob Hill, the Pearl District and Goose Hollow.

Nob Hill

The historic Nob Hill neighborhood is located in Northwest Portland. A mixture of residential living and retail shops, Nob Hill features Craftsman and older Portland-style homes, and a mixture of sleek condominiums and stately apartment buildings. With prices ranging from the low $100,000s to more than $1 million, Nob Hill has a broad range of housing options. Access to the Portland Streetcar adds to its convenience as does its heavy presence of restaurants, bars and shops — all within walking distance. Head out your front door and down the street to Moonstruck Chocolate for a taste of heavenly indulgence, or find your way to Escape from New York Pizza, one of the oldest pizza parlors in the city.

The Pearl District

The name of Portland’s best known arts district, the Pearl District, was supposedly coined by a local gallery owner who used the phrase to describe the crusty, oyster-like buildings that housed the pearl-like artists and galleries. Originally occupied by warehouses and railroad yards, the Pearl District has undergone continuous renewal since the early 1990s and consists mainly of high-rise condominiums and converted loft space. Located just north of downtown Portland, the Pearl District is an excellent example of live-work-play. It has a combination of thriving local businesses, countless boutiques and abundant restaurants, and there’s no shortage of activity.

Goose Hollow

Located in Southwest Portland, Goose Hollow acquired its unique name as a result of early residents’ habit of letting their geese roam free. It is one of Portland’s oldest neighborhoods and renowned for its historic homes, breathtaking views and walking-friendly streets. The neighborhood’s preservation committee tightly maintains the community focus and pedestrian environment, which makes Goose Hill a very desirable address. With a diverse mix of apartments, condos, townhouses, and a selection of beautiful large historic homes, Goose Hollow has something for everyone.

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