Home Trends: Spa Bathroom Design

by Washington Federal Team on September 30, 2011

You’ve had a long week, early morning meetings and nights spent cooking and helping with homework. You deserve a day at the spa. But what if the spa came to you? Transforming an ordinary bathroom into a spa bathroom oasis has been a growing home trend over the past few years.

Shower style

Time for a new, refreshing experience,  Functional and beautiful showerheads offer one easy way to upgrade your shower. Customize your bathroom with a waterfall showerhead or wall jets. Or if you’re really craving the full effect, you can visit a sauna every day with the installation of a steam shower.  Just make sure your bath’s ventilation system can keep up!

Soak it up

Why have an ordinary bathtub when you can have a whirlpool tub? These oversized, jet-lined tubs put the standard bubble bath to shame. And there’s nothing more relaxing than coming home and getting into a warm, massaging bath.

Cold feet no longer

Never again will you step onto a chilly tile floor or grab a cold towel. With a heated floor and a towel heater, you’ll remain warm and comfortable after a shower or bath. This little touch will go a long way in creating a spa atmosphere with all its comforts.

Set the scene 

Now it’s time to update flooring, accessories and lighting.  A waterproof television, a dramatic backsplash, and a comfy chair make for a relaxing oasis. Also, many green resources can be used to update your bathroom. From naturally water-resistant woods to recycled tiles, bathroom updates can be environmentally conscious.

The transformation from ordinary bathroom to custom spa can be as simple as making a few changes, or as detailed as a complete remodel. We’d love to talk with you about your next remodeling project.


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