Home Trends: Recycled Materials

by Washington Federal Team on November 17, 2011

You know the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle. Those words apply to more than just soda bottles and cardboard. Green building is a growing trend in home construction. Check out these popular materials to use in your next green design project.


Floors made from recycled hardwoods add character and personality. The floorboards will vary in color, giving your room a rustic charm, while also introducing historic elements into your home. Reclaimed wood is often salvaged from old family homes, barns, or wine and beer barrels. Recycled wood has more than just eco-friendly appeal: it is typically denser and more stable than new hardwood alternatives.

Glass Tiles

Remember those old cola bottles you used to love? Now, those bottles can be recycled and used to create glass tiles. Many bathrooms and kitchens can be updated with the addition of a backsplash or countertop made with recycled tiles, which come in many colors, finishes and sizes. Use a colorful pattern in the kitchen for a fun design, or stick with a wall-to-wall, monochromatic scheme in a bathroom for the Zen feel of a luxurious spa.


You wouldn’t expect your plastic water bottles to feel as plush as carpet under your feet. However, each year, nearly three billion plastic water bottles are recycled and turned into carpeting. If it’s time to update your carpet, or if you’re ready to introduce a splash of color on your tile floor, consider using carpet or area rugs made from recycled materials. This is a sustainable way to give your floors an update.

Accessories and Furniture

Vintage accessories are always a great bet when you’re looking for time-proven design. Many stores now sell products that look like antiques (new-made-to-look-old), but it’s more sustainable to visit a consignment shop or antique store. You can also buy pieces of furniture and refurbish them at low-costs. Bringing these classic pieces into your home is an easy way to create a vintage atmosphere.

Consider using these green materials and ideas to give your home an eco-friendly update.

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