Green Building Tips

by Washington Federal Team on August 4, 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. You do it on a daily basis, and you care about the earth. Now are you ready to apply the 3Rs to your new home? Building an eco-friendly house is not only a great way to help the environment, but there are several benefits for you as well. Here are the top three advantages to sustainable construction:

1. Sustainable Construction Saves Money
Building green reduces your energy consumption by more than 25 percent. With efficient water heaters, sealed air ducts and an HVAC system, you will use less energy and reduce your bills.

2. Sustainable Construction Improves Air Quality
Air pollutants can build up overtime and have damaging effects on your family’s health. You can reduce mold, radon, chemicals and dust by building with green products and installing the proper ventilation systems.

3. Sustainable Construction Increases Your Home’s Resale Value
If you build with sturdy green products, you’re less likely to need to make repairs in the future, and the resale value of your home is also increased. Consumers are increasingly interested in buying green; in fact, 97 percent of homebuyers consider energy-saving and environmentally-friendly features a priority.

By using a reputable green builder and experienced lender you can reduce your environmental impact as well as reduce your utility bills. For more information on financing for your sustainable construction, contact a local Washington Federal representative today. Washington Federal has been helping our clients build custom homes for nearly a century.

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