Getting the Most From Spring Home and Garden Shows

by Washington Federal Team on February 28, 2012

Spring has almost arrived, and with it comes the end of winter hibernation. Spring is the season of new beginnings and fresh starts, including everyone’s favorite chore – spring cleaning. As you freshen up your home, be sure to jot down your ideas. Do you want an addition for the new baby? A trellis for the garden? Perhaps just some new plants that can act as a privacy screen between you and the neighbors? Make your home your oasis.

Take your ideas, grab your spouse or a friend, and head to your local home and garden show! If you’re not sure when or where to find a show, check out online listings.

Determine Your Needs

Now that you have found a home and garden show, it’s time to do your research. Make a list of products that you would like, and projects you’d like to tackle. Before you even begin set a budget for what you think is reasonable for each item. In some cases, your budget may be unrealistic, but that’s a sign that you may need to wait until you have more disposable income before taking on that particular project.

Know Before You Go

Suppliers and retailers often advertise discounts that they claim are only available at the home and garden show. Home and garden show websites frequently advertise which companies will have booths, so compare the online prices with those offered at the show.  In general, any deal that the company is willing to make at the show will be one they will be willing to make a few days later. Introduce yourself to the person staffing the booth, and make sure you get their name and contact information. If you decide not to purchase at the show, but you decide later that you’re interested, an email to that representative may net you the same deal offered at the show.

Also, make sure to spend some time looking at the show’s website. Home and garden shows are often in large spaces. Knowing where things are ahead of time could help you be more efficient.


Seminars are a major component in many home and garden shows. Look at the schedule and decide what you want to attend, and bring a notebook. Although some seminars are merely sales pitches, most include valuable information that will help you with your projects. Even though most companies want to sell products, they also have a lot more knowledge than you might uncover on your own. Ignore the sales pitches and soak in as many helpful hints as you can. In the end, you may decide that that product is indeed the “best in the field.” But during the show, focus on the facts rather than on a specific product.

Home and garden shows can offer incredible inspiration and a wealth of knowledge. Enjoy the show!

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