Choosing Land for Your New Home

by Washington Federal Team on August 6, 2012

Unless you find a time machine and some amicable French sellers, you’ll likely not find another deal like the Louisiana Purchase. Choosing the right land for your dream home can be a daunting task, mainly because many factors are at play in determining what entails a pristine piece of property. Aside from the obvious (cost), consider the following questions in the hunt for homeland.

Home Construction Lot

Are modern conveniences readily available?

Location is a treasured commodity to many buyers. Will your land and future house have connections to power, water and other utilities? These details can substantially increase costs. Land in the country costs considerably less than parcels zoned within city limits.

How is the area? School districts, crime rate, amenities?

Area quality may determine demand. High quality areas that feature safe environments and ample resources cost more, as they are more desired.

What is the quality of soil?

Differing types of soil may affect your decisions regarding foundations, landscaping and even home design. It may also determine the effectiveness of your drainage system.

Are there any unusual zoning requirements?

Be sure to investigate zoning before committing to a purchase. Some areas do not allow structures on small parcels of land.

What is the elevation?

Is your land likely to move? If so, your foundation could crack or be subject to natural disasters.

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