Financial Literacy Roundtable Brings Together Education Advocates

by Washington Federal Team on August 25, 2015

Urgency to address a critical skills gap in K-12 financial education was the theme for a spirited discussion led by Arizona State Treasurer Jeff DeWit and EverFi. On August 12, EverFi, a leading financial education company, and Treasurer DeWit hosted a roundtable discussion with community leaders on the importance of financial education in the state of Arizona. Washington Federal partners with EverFi to bring financial education programs to students in school around our eight-state footprint, at no cost to the taxpayer or the students.

“It is my goal to improve the financial knowledge of all Arizona students,” said Treasurer DeWit.  “It is critical that education leaders, business leaders, and technology innovators, like EverFi, continue to collaborate to reach more students with critical skills education.“

During the 2014-2015 school year, we reached 4,035 students with financial education, leading to a 43% overall growth in students’ reported preparedness to hand important financial matters.

Many Arizona community leaders joined Treasurer DeWit for the event including Phoenix Union High School District, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale Unified, Dysart Unified, Arizona Department of Education, and Arizona Charter School Association.

Tony Camp, Director of Career and Technical Education (CTE) for the Phoenix Union High School District, talked about the district’s integration of EverFi’s courses and the benefits they have seen.  He also invited several CTE students from Trevor Browne High School to share their experience with the program.

“I am grateful to have been exposed to this financial education course in high school.  Before, I wasn’t confident I knew enough about my own finances, but now I feel more prepared to make important financial decisions as I enter my adult life,” Rudy Lima, senior at Trevor Browne High School.

A Phoenix Union High School District 11th grade student explained how the program helped her to learn about the FAFSA so she could apply for financial aid when she was ready to go to college.  All of the students in attendance have plans to go to college and stated that the program helped them to understand their financial options.

For more information about Washington Federal’s financial literacy initiatives, please email Ann Hall ( Washington Federal’s Community Relations Manager, Vice President.

Blog post courtesy of EverFi. Original post available on the EverFi blog.

Roundtable participants with State Treasurer DeWit. Roundtable participants with State Treasurer DeWit.


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